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Article Linux - Delete .csv column
Before you start you need to install Ubuntu - sudo apt-get install libtext-csv-perl CentOs -...
Views: 499
Article Linux - Delete lines with duplicate data
If for example you dont want the same email address to be in your .csv files you would run the...
Views: 362
Article Linux - Download files through FTP
To download all files recursively run the following command. wget -r...
Views: 561
Article Linux - How to combine multiple .csv files
To combine multiple files with the letters "2014" and "2015" in their name run the following...
Views: 319
Article Linux - How to delete .csv file containing "X" data
After extracting the .csv.gz files you can delete certain unwanted data by running the following...
Views: 494
Article Linux - How to extract .gz files (gunzip)
For this guide we will be using gunzip. You may need to installed it.CentOS - yum install gunzip...
Views: 447
Article Linux - How to only keep X data
Firstly to start this you need to convert your .csv into a .txt mv filename.csv  filename.txt...
Views: 354
Article Linux - How to split large file
For this example we will split a large .csv into multiple files each "X" megabytes in size....
Views: 451
Article Linux - Only keep certain country data
< FileToExtract.csv awk 'BEGIN {FS=","} tolower($19)~/usa|united states/' > USAList.txtThis...
Views: 277

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